Bernwoods Friends

At Bernwoods we are keen to shout about companies we trust and to point out good people. We also want to develop a space where you can come for good recommendations and to find specialist trades.

Below are a few of the people we are happy to suggest, if you need particular help just click on the tab andvisit their site.

Oaks Chimney Sweep

One of the best people we know to sort all things log burner wise...

Give Dave a call for installation and maintenance of your wood burner but also for keeping your chimney as clean as a whistle!

The Maiden Distillery

Not directly related to firewood...but great people if you're looking for a present for that special someone.

A real artisan product distilled using all natural ingredients and traditional methods by truly passionate people.

The Forestry Commission

The government agency for all things to do with woodland management, woodfuel and all things forest related. These guys have had a bit of stick over the last few years but they are good people doing great things and are the go-to organisation for best advice on how to manage your woodland. 

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