Firewood Prices

Our logs are sold in either 0.25 cubic metre or 0.5 cubic meter bags so you can choose an amount to suit your needs. Please use the order form to let us know the quantity you want, you can even choose to have your logs delivered in their bag or tipped in a suitable location. 

                               Seasoned         Kiln Dried

0.25 Cu M:                £45                   £50
0.5 Cu M:                  £75                   £85 
1 Cu M (2 bags)       £135                 £160
2 Cu M (4 bags)       £270                 £320
3 Cu M (6 bags)       £405                 £480

Additional Items;
Large Kindling Sack - £5.75 

Delivery Options:
Tipped Deliveries only at this time due to the theft of our truck and crane. 

To Order Your Logs:

Complete the order form, or call;

T: 01732 446 556
M:07595 902 667

Ordering your logs today is simple

1. Submit your Order Form.

To place your order complete the order form , simply select the quantity you would like us to deliver and enter your chosen address.
You can even select from our additional options;
Tipped Delivery

2. Order & Delivery Confirmation.

We will contact you by phone or email to confirm your order (please check your spam/junk folders for replies), how you would like to pay and a suitable time for delivery. 
Please be aware we deliver 7 days per week and your order may arrive on a Saturday or Sunday.

3. Payment.

We accept payment by credit/debit card, PayPal and on-line bank transfer in advance. Payment upon delivery by special arrangement only.

About Our Logs

At Bernwoods all of our lovely logs are either air or kiln dried and ready to burn as soon as they are delivered, straight from the bag.

Below are a few rules that we live by to ensure you get the best for your money.

• We like to sell only the best quality firewood and choose species that reflect that, all of our loads are mixed hardwoods.

• The species that we choose are Ash, Oak, Beech, Birch and Hornbeam. From time to time you may find other species like Field Maple, Sycamore, Hazel and Hawthorn but don't worry these also burn fantastically well.

• We sell all our loads by the cubic meter and each bag contains approximately 300 - 350 split logs.

• Our standard log length is 250mm (10 Inches) but bigger and smaller sizes are available upon request (kiln dried only).

• We don't differentiate between logs for wood burners and open fires, we believe it's up to you how you choose to burn your firewood and our logs are suitable for all fires.

• We won't ever mix loads of hardwood and softwood unless you specifically ask us to. At Bernwoods we don't have an issue with people burning softwoods, in fact we'd like to promote it, however suppliers should be clear on this and price accordingly.

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All amounts include VAT @5% for private individuals
All deliveries for businesses will be subject to VAT @20%
(full VAT receipt provided)

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